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Versión española
Versión española

More or less two years ago, when I had played XVT and BOP a lot, I began missing add-ons and modifications, and even more when I was seeing the wonderful things people was making for JK and MOTS, and they were all together in a single site: the Massassi Temple (

I thought I could find something similar for the X-Wing series, but it seems I arrived late (it always happens to me, as my hardware is not up to date). I only could find a few add-ons, and some downloads were broken.

I've heard many people saying that XVT/BOP are dead, as we have XWA, that has better graphics and more features. And other people says that XWA is also on decline, as LEC is publishing now the so called "last generation simulations" (or that's what they want us to believe...): the Rogue Squadron series.

I don't think any of those arguments are right: the RS series are pure arcade games. And neither XWA or XVT/BOP are dead: people still developes mods for XWA. And I don't think XWA would ever replace BOP: it's, without any doubt, the best option for playing multiplayer campaigns.

So I thought I could make something similar to the Massassi Temple, but for the X-Wing series and, furthermore, in Spanish, as nobody made ever a site about them in Spanish (there are a lot of good sites out there in English and French). It will take me a lot of time, but I think those games really deserve that tribute: a site were someone can go to get the "latest news" (from some years ago ;o) ).

I've decided to write those english notes because I didn't found any site in english that had all the files together. I know this was done by the Datamaster's site (although I didn't arrived in time to see it), and after it was XWL who took the baton. So while they finish to make and put the site on-line again, you can check here also.

However, I won't translate the entire site, as this would be too much work. Instead of this, I will explain what you can find on every section and give you some advices and tips to understand and navigate better the site.

If you see a word you don't understand and want to know what it means, I recommend you to use the on-line dictionary at It's fast and very complete. I use it to translate into Spanish the English missions. ;o)

Finally, I would want to ask you to communicate with me if you see I didn't included any mod, mission, model or campaign. I arrived late to the XW/TF/XVT/BOP/XWA scene and I know I can be forgetting anything. I would be very grateful. :o)

You can access at any moment to any of the sections by clicking on the menu on the left:

HOME: the home page. It will take you to the English home. If you want to go to the Spanish version, just click on the Spanish flag (at the top) :o)

NEWS: Here you will find the updates I make to the site, and any other news I find about the scene or that I consider interesting.

TUTORIALS: Guides and tutorials on editing any aspect of the X-Wing series, and some resources for creating campaigns. For now, it's only in Spanish, though you can find some guides in english too.

DOWNLOADS: Here you'll be able to download both Spanish and English versions of missions, mods, etc. Everything is marked with a Spanish and/or British flag. The categories you'll find here will be:
Conversiones totales (TCs), Imágenes (Images -menus and backgrounds), Misiones (Missions), Modelos (OPT) (Models-OPT), Programas (Programs), Sonido (Sound -effects and voices) and Textos (Texts -anything that involves messing with the text files).
It would be possible that any mod would appear on several categories (a campaign could be on Misiones and Conversiones totales at the same time).
I'm on the process to translate it into English.

OPT DATABASE: This is one of my most prefered projects (if not the most one): a database with all the crafts created for every X-Wing game. Every craft will have a very detailed card with a description, features, situation in the Star Wars universe, etc, and several screenshots of the cockpit and from the outside. Having all them together will be very helpful for campaign and mission editors, as they will be able to find the crafts they need and won't have to make them again. And I also like to see it as a museum where we'll be able to see the evolution of the opt creation.
If the authors of the opts don't complain, I would host as many of them as I can. Otherwise, I would link to their download page. Of course, if you see any craft not included here, drop me a note. :o)

FORO: the forum of the Spanish community. Mostly in Spanish, though I created an English forum in case you want to leave us some note.

PROJECTS: A list of things I want to do. Keeps growing again and again. :-b For now in Spanish only.

THE MUSEUM: A compilation of old sites, some kind of gallery, to prevent them disappearing. My second most preferred project ;-)

CONTACT WITH ME: here I wrote all the ways you can contact with me (e-mail, IRC, ICQ, Jabber).

LINKS: Self explanatory ;o) I divided it in three categories: Sitios web actualizados con cierta frecuencia (Websites updated more or less frequently), Sitios web que no se actualizan pero aún existen (Websites no more updated but still on-line) and Foros (Forums). Of course, if you don't see your site here or you see it but you think is in a wrong category, let me know it and I'll fix it as soon as possible. :o) For now it's in Spanish only.

MODS SW: although this has not a lot to do with X-Wing series, I had it in mind for a longtime. So here it is: a list of the mods of other games based on the Star Wars universe. Drop me an e-mail if you know any that isn't listed here.

Linux games: now I have 3D accelerated graphics on my Debian, we'll see which surprises has the Penguin ;o) Cause Linux is not only for working, and Windows isn't the only platform for gaming.

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Carlos "Jefe Pícaro".